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YSW Hardtail
YSW version of the Hipshot Hardtail bridge


The YSW HARDTAIL Guitar Bridge features steel saddles for a sharp, driving attack with ringing sustain. The base-plate has a gracefully sculpted, contoured shape which has been machined out of solid brass to improve its acoustic tonal character.

Original Hipshot Hardtail
YSW Hardtail 
Cafe Racer version
YSW Hardtail 
No cosmetic dimples

Base Plate Color

Saddle Color

Cafe Racer Dimples



String spacing : 2-1/16"
Base-plate : brass
Base-plate thickness: .125"
Saddles :
  Chrome : stainless steel
  Black :  stainless steel
  Gold : brass

Made in the USA.
Licensed by Hipshot Products


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