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HI-ST - Base Price : $260
(includes Body, Finish and FREE Shipping to USA and some other countries)

This body is modeled after an early vintage Strat which had large and deep elbow/belly contoured cut. While many aftermarket bodies on the market are wrong (and ugly) shape, this body is VERY close to the original's. 

This body has no worm rout, no bridge mount holes and no neck mount holes. No control holes for a rear rout body.

Right handed/Left handed

Body Wood

Top Wood

Control Rout

Body Edge Radius/Bind
(top side)

(back side)


Please select a pickup routing type

Neck PU

Middle PU

Bridge PU

Universal rout only

Swimming Pool +
Bridge PU

Type of finish

No Finish

If you can't find the color in the list below, just use the Message filed on the next form and specify your color.

Top Color

Back/Side Color


Top Color

Back/Side Color

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