What is the Kisekae Distressed Finish?
Become an owner of the most convincing look distressed finish REAL(not virtual) guitar 
with high quality parts. You can use this system to try out parts combinations, 
then submit a price quote request. Some pictures in this system are real parts which 
are readily available. But of course you are not limited to those parts as I can make new 
parts to meet your artistic requirements. (just click the 'Price Quote' button at the bottom 
and put your specifications in the message box)
If you think even those expensive aged finish guitars on the market don't look right at all, 
then you are my customer.

Why you are doing this?
As you might know, I'm pursuing the way of relic to create realistic look
vintage distressed guitars. Why I started this? Well, I can authenticate vintage
guitars from their finish aspect. To my eye, 99% of aged finish guitars
on the market is simply a bad joke. (i know some talented relic artist
but very few in the world)
I've tried popular relic artists before. One guy had sent me a piece of crap.
His aged finish quality was way too lower than sample pictures of his website.
Another guy was even worth. He told me to send my guitar and money first,
so I did. And of course he just disappeared....
Those are the reason why I decided to learn the aged finish by myself.
I won't say I can do the 'perfect' aged finish as I'm still learning but
I'm getting better. Actually, I know this learning process, "The Way of Relic",
will never end.
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