Okay, I noticed some people just don't get it. 
Please read this page before you send me any questions. 

** To delete unnecessary parts from stage, just drag and drop the part to the bottom-right corner. 
** How can I save the image of my dream guitar?

For Ver.9 and newer system, there is the Generate Image button on the screen.

Any system older than Ver.9 don't have this feature so you'll have to use a screen capture program.
** How to make "dark-red"

(1) set the Lower Layer color to red

(2) set the Upper Layer color to black

(3) set the Upper Layer Trans Level to 50%


** When you ask a guitar builder to build your dream guitar, be careful when you email the virtual guitar image to him because the color may look different on his computer. The safest way is to print the image and mail it to him.
You can specify any JPG, GIF, and PNG images to be used as a DIY (Do It Yourself) material. 
(you can't use an image on your local hard drive)

example :
Let's use my old pencil drawing as an example.

You can load, resize, and position the image.

Since the image is treated as a material (wood), you can apply colors on the image.

here are some more...

this image
....can make this

Gothic Black ?

Gahhhhh!! this is addictive! Someone please stop me!

For those who can't afford the PRS guitar; 

You can create your own PRS for just $200 
if you carefully follow these steps.

Here is how. 

(step 1) Buy a cheap Telecaster

(step 2) Paint its body like this

(step 3) Make sure you wear black clothing when you play

(step 4) Be sure to turn the stage lights down

Then Rock OUT! 
Nobody will notice that you have a Tele!!


Notice the clear pickguard. Not just selecting "clear" from the pickguard choices,
I put subtle white on it.